Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's the little things... like wedding rings...

Yesterday, I was watching Jeff dry his hair as he was getting ready for work... and my eyes focused on his wedding ring.  Within an instant, I started smiling and feeling all giddy inside.  That ring is a part of Jeff... just like his gorgeous eyes, warm smile, and strong arms that give me the best hugs!  It makes me happy to know what that ring signifies for us and that the day I put it on his finger, was the day that he chose to spend the rest of his life loving me.

My mind also instantly flashed to the few times his ring has come off.  Just before his surgeries, Jeff asked me to take his ring off his finger and wear it on my thumb until I was allowed to put it right back where it belonged.  Isn't it funny that something as little as the glance of his wedding ring can get me acting like a school girl... and I LOVE it!

Notice the little things... give the memories a few moments to flood back... and embrace the warm tingle of emotion as they start in your big toe and end with a big smile on your face.  And then share that smile... and those tingles... with your husband.  :-)


~Kammie~ said...

Lol funny I get the same way. Especially since this us a man that told me he doesn't to wear one-um wrong! Yes you do! Hehe BUT god forbid I do not have mine on. He'll walk walk downstairs and hand them to if I forget to put them on after my shower. Actually I can see the pride he has when wears his too. You never see him without his even when it doesn't fit.

Tracey Locher said...

First... HI, KAMMIE!!! Great to see you! And, yes... even the biggest "I'm not going to wear a ring" guy flips sides when he finds the gal he wants to wear the ring for! :-)