Monday, February 13, 2012

Look who skipped right over 197... PHOTOS!

YEP!!!  That would be ME!   I just hit my lowest weight since I started this journey... AND with a sprained ankle!  I have 3 weeks until the Desert Triathlon and I haven't been able to run in almost 3 weeks.  HOWEVER, I am swimming like a fish and my timed pull swim workouts seem to be doing the trick!  Jeff and I did a 3-hour bike ride yesterday with (2) Cat 5 climbs and (2) Cat 4 climbs and I didn't stop on ANY of them... in fact, I felt stronger and faster than ever!  Downhill... still struggling with confidence, but trying to let it fly... OK... "fly" is not a word I should use when describing the way I descend, but I'm getting faster...
198.0 pounds
196.4 pounds

I just LOVE these photos... do you see what I see?  For the first time, that darn blue shirt HAS WRINKLES!  Look at those wrinkles around my center... and my arms... and my neck...  I may actually wear that shirt in public at some point in the future!  54 pounds down... 1 day at a time... 1 choice at a time... :-)


ClaireTet said...

Tracey you are such an inspiration. You look fabulous!

Tracey Locher said...

THANK YOU so much, Claire! You just MADE MY DAY!