Friday, February 11, 2011

(The First) FOOD Friday...

I've been thinking... what is a good weight loss experiment without some great new food options... hummmm!?  Several of you asked for my Low Fat Shrimp Taco recipe, so I cooked it again and made sure to measure everything out so I could give you the stats on this yummy and filling meal!  I'll be talking Weight Watcher Points (since that is the program that I use), but adding in the calories and fat grams as I can (I have to get better with that!)

MENU for 1 serving...
Shrimp Tacos
Black Beans

Shrimp Tacos

Two white corn tortillas -  110 cal, 1.5 fat grams... 2 points
1/2 cup shredded cabbage - 0 points
Diced tomato - 0 points
1/4 of a medium avocado - 2 points (optional)
1/3 cup grated cheddar/jack cheese - 110 cal, 9 fat grams... 3 points (optional)
14 shrimp - 120 cal, 2 fat grams... 3 points
1 TBS margarine - 80 cal, 9 fat grams... 2 points
1 TBS low fat sour cream - 20 cal, 1 fat gram... 1/2 point (1/2 regular serving)
2 TBS zesty cocktail sauce - 30 cal, 0 fat grams... 1/2 point (1/2 regular serving)

I saut√© the shrimp with the margarine, dried Basil and a bit of garlic salt.  Mix the sour cream and the cocktail sauce... this is a GREAT and low fat dressing for your taco.  With the exception of cutting a few of the veggies, you are ready to put this together and eat!  14 shrimp is a GOOD serving size... I only used 4 shrimp in each taco, so I ate the rest of my serving on the side (no WAY I was going to give up some of these yummy shrimp!)  Fill your taco with cabbage, tomato, and if you have enough calories left for the day, add a bit of avocado and/or cheese.  Easy... yummy... and FILLING!

Black Beans

1/2 cup Black Beans (canned) - 1 point
1/2 cup salsa - 0 points
Diced cilantro (to taste) - 0 points

Simply put these items in a sauce pan and heat slowly.  A GREAT serving size for only 1 POINT!  You could split the cheese serving above... some in the tacos and some to melt on top of your black beans... also, add some diced onion, or a TBS of low fat sour cream to the top of your beans... lots of options... and ohhh so yummy!

So, what did all of this food cost me in points...

2 Tacos... tortillas, shrimp, cabbage, tomato, dressing, avocado (no cheese)... 10 points (only 8 without the avocado)... and 6 extra shrimp on the side!
Black Beans... 1 point

Total = 11 points (about 1/3 of my points for the day)

Compare to Rubio’s (I LOVE me some Rubio’s!!!)
Grilled Herb Shrimp Taco (1 TACO!) - 340 cal, 19 fat grams... 6 points (12 points for two tacos)
Black Beans (reg. serving) - 100 cal, 1 fat gram... 2 points
Chips (reg. serving - comes with the beans) - 260 cal, 13 fat grams... 5 points

Total = 19 points

I get 28 points a day... and add an extra 4 on workout days... so 32 points.  This meal is very filling and a great alternative to going to a restaurant for shrimp tacos where, if you get the combo plate with two tacos, you will get black beans and chips... lots of extra calories!

Losing weight and food consumption is all about choices.  I could easily have shaved several more points off this meal, but I am trying to find a happy medium between "dieting," which I can't stick with, and my new life of healthy and realistic choices!  One serving of avocado is NOT going to kill my weight loss, but it WILL make me feel that I am not sacrificing and getting to eat a great meal... sounds like a win, win, to me!

Make it a GREAT day, Everyone!


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