Friday, February 4, 2011

Special Weekend Goal... and a 21st Birthday...

First chance to use her "adult" ID...
I'M BACK!  Yesterday was our daughter's 21st BIRTHDAY!  SERIOUSLY... I can't BELIVE that we have a 21-year-old!!!  To celebrate her special day, Jeff and I took her, her best friend and my sister to San Diego for the evening.  Two hotel rooms, dinner at San Diego Harbor, and then my wonderful sister took the girls around the Gaslamp District to "break in" that new 21-year-old ID!  (Leaving Jeff and me to have a nice, quiet, romantic night to ourselves!!!)

The girls on their way to the Gaslamp for some fun!
Now, in case you were wondering how I handled THIS special event (since I have been SOOO good with the brunch at El Torito and the awesome dinner at The Palms)... I was NOT good and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!  Here's the way I see it... I am trying to do something here that is becoming a new way of life... not just a temporary "diet."  Yes, I need to learn to be "good" for so many day to day events, but there are also some times that I just have to dive in and let myself have that piece of steaming bread with sundried tomato butter... or that special cocktail, on the rooftop patio of our hotel, looking down on Petco Park, the ocean, and the most beautiful sunset... hand in hand with my sweet husband...

So, I had WAY too many calories yesterday... but I am right back on track today.  I don't know what this is going to do to my weight for the week, but some special events are worth a momentary hiccup on the scale. 
Us... at sunset... ahhhhhhhhhhh :-)

Soooo... I promised you a special weekend assignment/goal... and, I'm such a sneaker... I've already checked it off my list!  The assignment is to go on a date with your spouse.  Seems simple enought, right?  But I want to see a show of hands... when was the last time you went on a date with your spouse?  It doesn't have to be as big and expensive as a night away at a hotel, like Jeff and I just did... you can go to a movie... you can pack a picnic and take it to a local park or beach... you can take your beach chairs, go to a special spot and watch the sun set... anything where the two of you spend some time alone... together... ohhhhhhhhh, and TURN THOSE ELECTRONICS OFF!  Seriously... spend some time without any distractions... be in the moment... with the one that you love.  Isn't that what we LOVED to do when we were dating...?  I remember that I could just sit and stare into Jeff's eyes... hold his hand... and we didn't have to do anything else... but be together.  I know...  baby steps... but we will get back to those special days when everytime he looks at you, you get butterflies... when we were our husband's girlfriend!!! 

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