Friday, February 18, 2011

Foodie Friday... Chicken and Salsa Baked Potato in 5 MINUTES!

PO...TA...TOES!!!  (said in my best "Cookie Monster" impression!)  I am more of a bread/carb gal than a sugar/candy gal, so potatoes are one of my FAVORITE THINGS!  And, surprisingly, they have also become one of my favorite meals!  They are SOOOOOO low fat and SOOOOO filling that I have started having a baked potato (you could add a quick side salad) as one of my favorite dinners... and the good thing is that the rest of the family loves them, too!
NOW... there are some temptations that you have to watch out for with a baked potato... NO butter... NO sour cream... NO cheese... and with this recipe, you don't even need margarine!!!  YES, you could add these things, but what is the point of empty calories when you have such a yummy meal already!?

1 large brown potato - 280 calories, 0.4 fat grams, 6.6 dietary fiber grams = 5 WW points
(I usually use 2 red/white potatoes... 1 medium (3 ozs.) - 1 WW point (2 points total)
Rotisserie Chicken (3 ozs.) - 140 calories, 7 fat grams, 0 dietary fiber = 3 WW points
Salsa (make your potato juicy, since you gave up your butter!... 1/3 cup - 60 calories, 0 fat grams - 1 WW point

There are many different ways to prepare chicken for your potato, but my favorite new way is to buy a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store... and do yourself a favor and TAKE THE SKIN OFF!  While I am cooking my potatoes in the microwave, I cut up the chicken for the family and take the salsa out of the fridge.  YEP... it is THAT easy! 

Compare my baked potato to one that you would grab at a fast food place...

Mine with 2 medium red potatoes, chicken and salsa - 6 WW points
Carl's Jr. Bacon/Cheese Potato - 620 calories... 29 fat grams... = 14 WW points

No question in my book! 
See you tomorrow for the third Flower Day! 
Jeff did this one in front of my whole family...
and lots of drivers on the streets of San Diego...
... it was a WINNER!

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