Sunday, February 20, 2011

Final Flower Day...

Today's flower story is AWESOME!  Jeff and I had been dating for about 1 1/2 years...

Every summer, my family spends 1-2 weeks camping on Mission Bay in San Diego.  Mom and Dad have an awesome trailer and the kids and I stay in our tent.  This particular year, Jeff brought his own tent and camped with (next door) to us.  I think I have shared that Jeff is a cyclist, so he brought his road bike with him so he could get in a few early morning rides while the rest of us slept in. 

THIS MORNING, all of us were up and getting ready for breakfast when Jeff rides up on his bike... with AN ENTIRE BOUQUET OF FLOWERS STICKING OUT OF THE BACK OF HIS JERSEY!  It was the most amazing site to see him coming down the road with all these flowers... pull up right in front of me, get off his bike and hand me the flowers... ((( swoon )))... and even better... HE BOUGHT THEM SEVERAL MILES AWAY FROM OUR CAMP!  He admitted he had several drivers honk at him, smile, and/or make a comment about the "lucky girl" that would be getting the flowers.

Now, THAT, is a guy that is worth "becoming a girlfriend" for!  Jeff and I have had several chuckles as we traveled through memory lane, together, this week.  I hope you found a few treasured memories of your early days... and shared them with your husbands... and the giggles and kisses... it has been a GOOD week! 

See you tomorrow for WEIGH IN!!!  WOOO HOOOO!

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